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Hobie builds two styles of sit on top kayaks. A paddle series, in which you paddle the kayak in the traditional manor and a pedaling version which uses Hobie's patented MirageDrive system to pedal the kayak with your feet. The MirageDrive® line is then broke down into the Rotomolded, Inflatable, Pro Angler and Island series. With all of these different kayaks Hobie is sure to have the kayak that is right for you.       Jump to...Mirage Sport


Hobie MirageDrive Kayaks


For 2015 Hobie has redesigned the MirageDrive and designed a new seat for their Rotomolded and Island lines.  They improved the new MirageDrive by adding Glide Technology and Square top fins.  Glide technology makes the already smooth MirageDrive even smoother by replacing the bushings with sealed bearings.  The square top fins increase the effecincy by allowing the user to push more water with each stroke.  Along with thtese peformance enhancemnts Hobie has improved the appearance of the MirageDrive by adding some color to it.  The new color scheme and Glide technology was also incorporated into the Pro Angler drives with the Turbo fins.

Hobie also designed a brand new seat for all of their MirageDrive kayaks and Island series.  The new Vantage CT seat takes

the concept of the Vantage seat, used in the Pro Angler series, and  adapts it to the other MirageDrive kayaks.  It has a number of adjustments for comfort and height plus amesh seat material for breathability.  The seat is so comfortable they even included folding legs so you can use it as a bech chair. (see picture)



Mirage Sport

The Mirage Sport is Hobie's smallest MirageDrive kayak. It is excellent for those who want the lightest, or most maneuverable kayak with plenty of stabilty. . The rotomolded series is Hobie's most basic MirageDrive driven kayaks. However, they are loaded with features, many of which you will not find on any other brand.

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Mirage Outback

The Mirage Outback is Hobie's original fishing kayak which they called the SUV of the kayak world. The Outback can do it all with its high freeboard, large capacity and outstanding stability.

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Mirage Revolution 11

The Mirage Revolution 11 is sleek, stable and fast. This lightweight kayak is quick to accelerate and very maneuverable.

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Mirage Revolution 13

The Mirage Revolution 13 is a capable kayak ideal for cruising, touring or fishing. It has a long sleek stable hull shape that provides a great ride and lots of storage.

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Mirage Revolution 16


The Mirage Revolution 16 has a 16 foot long hull designed for speed . It is easily driven through the water making it an ideal choice for covering distance.  Originally called the Adventure and also availbe as part of the Adventure Island, the Revolution 16 is now a kayak unto itself and perfect for those who are looking to cover a lot of ground.

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The Pro Angler's are purpose built to help you catch fish. Designed with input of fisherman the Pro Anglers have many features that fisherman are looking for. But many of those features make the Pro Anglers great for many other activities as well.


Pro Angler 12

The Pro Angler 12 is a compact fishing machine.  It has room for upto six rods standard, easy access to tackle boxes and ample storage space for the rest of your gear. It is also stable enough with a flat floor to stand up and cast.  If you are not into fishing, these features also make the Pro Angler 12 great for many other activities as well.

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Pro Angler 14

The Pro Angler 14 is the Ultimate human powered fishing vessel.  It is fast to get you to favorite spot quickly and with the least amount of effort.  It is stable so you can feel safe regardless of the type of fishing you do.  It is comfortable so you can fish all day long and it has room for everything you need.  And like its little brother it is not just for fishing.

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Pro Angler 17T

The Pro Angler 17T is everything one expects from a Hobie Pro Angler only it will handle two people.  It has the stability for both people to stand up in it, it has plenty of room and a variety of seating arrangements.  

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The Island series is the ultimate in versatility. They are equally at home as a touring kayak, sailboat or fishing vessel.


Adventure Island


The Adventure Island (AI) is the most innovative boat since the invention of the MirageDrive. The AI is finally a multi-purpose boat that does all of the its functions as well as a boat designed for that single purpose.

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Tandem Island


The Tandem island takes all the great features of the Adventure island and puts them in a boat designed for two.

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The Inflatable series is Hobie's ultraportable MirageDrive powered kayaks for those with space or transporting limitations. They will fit in a closet for storage. They will also fit in your car's trunk, RV's basement, or even as checked luggage on an airplane for transportation.





The Mirage i9S is the answer for those who are really limited on space. The i9S packs up very compactly yet opens up to a full 9' kayak with the stiffness close to a rigid kayak .

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The Mirage i12S is the perfect boat if you need more room and ease of transport that an inflatable provides.

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The Mirage i14S completes the series with by providing the option of a tandem. It is the ultimate kayak for two to get to those hard to reach locations.

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