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Backpack Pro

Magic Marine Backpack Pro      color - Black


Bipoly Pullover (Unisex)

Magic Marine Bipoly Pullover                                  Color - Black


Comfort Kneepads (Unisex)

Magic Marine Comfort Kneepad                  Color - Black



D 30 Kneepads (Unisex)

Magic Marine D30 Adjustable Kneepad - Unisex            Color - Black


Endurance Pads

Magic Marine Hiking Pad and Strap combination             color: Black


Fly WIP 3mm Top

Forward Sailing Fly Water Impact Protection (WIP) 3mm Top


Lycra Pro-Tec Pant

Forward Sailing WIP Lycra Pro-Tec Pant


Lycra Pro-Tec Top

Forward Sailing Pro-Tec Top


Metalite Pant - Long (Unisex)

Magic Marine Metalite Pant - Full Length (Unisex)     Color - Navy


Metalite Racing Vest - Long Sleeve (Unisex)

Magic Marine Metalite Racing Vest - Long Sleeve (Unisex)    Color - Navy


Metalite Sock Neoprene 1mm (Unisex)

Magic Marine Metalite Sock Neoprene 1MM  (Unisex)              Color - Black


Pro Racing Harness (Unisex)

Magic Marine Pro Racing Harness (Unisex)   All Around Harness              Color - Silver / Yellow


Regatta Breathable Drysuit w/Socks (Unisex)

Magic Marine Regatta Breathable Drysuit w / Socks - Front Zip  (Unisex)


Replacement Hook

Spreader replacement hook                    Steel


Smart Harness - Entry Level (Unisex)

Magic Marine Smart Harness  -  Entry Level  (Unisex)                    Color - Black


Split Toe Boot (Unisex)

Magic Marine Split Top Boot Neoprene 4mm (Unisex)       color - Black


Team Harness - Lightweight (Unisex)

Magic Marine Team Harness - Lightweight  (Unisex)            Color - Blue



Tension Boot 4mm (Unisex)

Magic Marine Tension Boot  4mm  (Unisex)                color - Black


Thermo Sock Neoprene 2mm (Unisex)

Magic Marine Thermo Sock  Neoprene 2mm  (Unisex)               Color - Black


Trapeze Harness Pro

Forward Sailing Trapeze Harness Pro


Ultimate 4MM Long John

Magic Marine Mens Ultimate 4MM Long John                  Color - Blue


Ultimate Boot Neoprene 5mm (Unisex)

Magic Marine Ultimate Boot                            Color - Blue/Black


Ultimate II Harness (Unisex)

Magic Marine Ultimate II Harness (Unisex) Full Support           Color - Black/Grey


Waterblocker Vest (Unisex)

Magic Marine Waterblocker Vest   (Unisex)              Color - Black


Wetsuit Bag

Magic Marine Wetsuit Bag               Color - Black


WIP Vest

Forward Sailing Water Impact Protection (WIP) Vest

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