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Boat Works Ltd has the largest selection of boating accessories with very competitive pricing in Central New York.  We are conveniently located at exit 17 off of Interstate 690 in East Syracuse, NY. 



In our Ship's Store we feature a full line of supplies including cleaning, repair, electrical, hardware,  rigging, trailer, safety, mooring and anchoring.  We have become a one-stop boating SUPER STORE. We are open year round and strive to serve our customers with technical expertise and a multitude of services (click here to see the services we offer).  If it's for your boat and we don't have it in stock we can get it and ship it right to you.  We provide customized local service with years of experience combined with great prices. 





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You will find a wide range of gear and apparel for sailing and general boating from Douglas Gill, Hobie and Magic Marine.  Gill has the gear to fulfill of your foul weather needs like jackets, pants and bibs.  We have all the equipment to help you sail including wetsuits, spraytops, boots, and gloves.  We also have the specialty items you need to sail dinghies and catamarans like hiking pants and trapeze harnesses.     back to top





Sailing Hardware

We have the largest selection of sailboat hadware in Central New York and carry a large selection of blocks, cleats, eyestraps and shackles from Harken, Ronstan, Racelite, and Suncor.  We also stock the parts for standing rigging including clevis pins, shroud adjusters, cotter pins and rings, turnbuckles and turnbuckle parts.  Additionally, we have rudder and tiller parts.      back to top





Cleaning Supplies


We have a substantial variety of cleaning supplies from Meguiars, Collonite, Fountain of Youth, 3M, Starbrite, 303 Products, Mary Kate and more.  You will find waxes, boat soaps, oxidation removers, hull cleaner, teak cleanrs and finishes, and waterproofing sprays.  We have many unique products as well for specific cleaning situations.   back to top



In our electrical department you will find the items you need to keep your boats electrical systems in perfect working order. We stock everything from fuses and light bulbs to tinned copper wire for marine use, and heat shrink connectors, including switches and fuse panels, circuit breakers, nav lights and shore power accessories.    

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Motor Parts and Accessories


Our Motor parts and accessory department is stocked with all the common items you regularlyneed for your motor or engine.  We have fuel lines, connectors and filters, fuel tanks, spark plugs, propellers and fuel additives. We also stock many common water pump kits and other parts plus we can get most engine parts with in a day.  We are the local source for Tohatsu/Nissan and LEHR outboard parts.    back to top




We have a vast selection of hardware for your boat.  We stock cleats, fender adjusters, boat top parts, hinges, latches, snap hooks and more.  We also have a very large selection of stainless steel screws, nuts, bolts and other fasteners.     back to top


Mooring, Anchoring, Docking

In our mooring, anchoring and docking section you will find a wide array of docklines, dock bumbers, Polyform fenders, anchors, mooring supplies like Taylor buoys, chain and shackles.  We also make custom mooring pendants.     back to top



Our plumbing department has a replacement for most bilgepumps currently availble, along with livewell pumps and water system pump.  We also stock the hoses, thruhull fittings, and clamps needed to install or replace theses items.  Finally portable heads, marine heads and head chemicals.  



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Repair Products

We have most everything you need to repair your boat.  We carry West Sytem epoxy and Evercoat polyester resin products.  We have bulk fiberglass in different sizes sold by the yard to work with the resins and fillers.  We also stock Interlux topside and bottom paints, as well as a number of varnisheds from Interlux, Pettit, and Epifanes and special treatments for teak.

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You can keep all your boat and all of its passengers safe with the selection from our safety deparetment.  We carry flares, distress flags, horns, first aid kits, whistles and first aid kits.  Plus our knowledgable staff will make sure you have the right products for your boat.

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Sailing Accesories

We have the largest selection of sailing accessories and hardware in Central New York.  We carry a wide array of Harken and Ronstan hardware. We also have a huge selection of Suncor Stainless steel shackles, snap hooks and rings.  You will also find wind indicators, sail repair products, tiller and rudder hardware, tiller extensions, and more.  We stock Hobie Cat, Laser and Sunfish parts too.

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Bulk Line


 Again we have the largest selection.  This time it is bulk line.  We have both twisted and braided nylon line in numerous diameters.  We also carry shock cord (or Bungy) in different colors and a variety of sizes in those colors (black, blue and black and white).  Finally we carry a great selection of line for sailboat rigging.  Everything from economical double braided dacron to high tech spectra/dyneema braids From Samson, Marlow and New England Ropes for those demanding the most performance.     

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Trailer Accessories

We have practically everything you need for your trailer from rollers to lights and couplers, tires,winches, winch straps and tie downs..


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Water Sports

We carry a wide range of Tubes and other towable toys from Airhead and SportStuff.  You will also find all the tow lines, tow harnesses and accessories.   back to top




Hobie Cat and Kayak Parts

We have the largest inventory of Hobie Cat sailboat and kayak parts in the country.  We have over 1000 items for your Hobie.    back to top



Laser/Sunfish Parts

We have acomplete section dedicated to the most common Laser and Sunfish parts from the manufacturer, Laser Performance.  If you need something for Laser or Sunfish stop in.  We probably have it.      back to top




230 Bridge Street
East Syracuse, NY 13057

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